Hardware Engineer

Gabriela R. Novotná

With a deep passion for electronics and an insatiable curiosity for innovative hardware solutions, I have dedicated my career to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of hardware development. As an independent professional with four years of hands-on experience, I’ve collaborated with both startups and established companies to bring groundbreaking ideas to life.

My Experience

My professional journey has taught me the importance
of open communication, adaptability, and resilience.

I deeply value partnerships that foster co-learning and innovation. If you’re looking for someone who combines technical acumen with a creative spark to bring your next big idea to life, let’s connect and build the future together.

Zuri.com SE

Aerospace hardware engineer

At an eVTOL startup, focusing on flight computer and telemetry system development. Works on designing and testing key components, ensuring their reliable integration into electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.


Prusa Research a.s. l Partyzanska 7A, Prague

Startup mentor

Consult and mentor startups participating in the Prusalab HW Accelerator regarding
hardware development. Collaborate with a diverse group of teams and individuals from
multiple industries, providing insights and guidance to support their endeavors.


Prusa Research a.s. l Partyzanska 7A, Prague

Hardware engineer

Develop and produce electronics and electromechanical devices for artistic installations and internal projects at Prusa Research. This encompasses control systems for stepper and servomotors, LED lighting, audio and visual effects, wireless communications, and automation. Manage projects and produce functional electronic modules in batch quantities of hundreds


ROCON METEO spol. s.r.o. l Svestkova 6, Prague

Hardware engineer

Design, test, and oversee the prototype assembly of electronic hardware for various
automation systems, as well as sensors for highway traffic control. Conduct research in
electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for its application in road condition sensors.
Utilize advanced manufacturing techniques, such as silicone and epoxy potting, and
employ special adhesives under vacuum.


Firex servis s.r.o. l Davidkova 37, Prague

General manager

Overseeing daily operations, project management, and team coordination. State certified expert in fire protection of buildings. Extensive liaising with clients and contractors.


Every project is an opportunity for growth.



  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Kicad EDA
  • NI Multisim
  • STM32CubeIDE


  • Electronic engineering
  • Hardware architecture
  • Schematic and PCB design
  • 3D CAD mechanical design

  • STM32 MCU firmware coding
  • PCB assembly
  • 3D printing
  • Prototype assembly

  • Small batch manufacturing
  • Project management
  • Small team management



General studies

High school Studentska


Nuclear engineering

Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague



Large scale 3D printer extruder

Complete mechanical and electronic design. Prototype assembly and testing.


BeRider BRAVE e-scooter anti-theft device

Complete mechanical and electronic
design. Firmware coding. Prototype
assembly and testing. Production
management of 500 pieces.


PLC for traffic control and data acquisition

Complete mechanical and electronic
design. Prototype assembly and testing.
Cooperation with external software developers.


Road condition sensor

Complete mechanical and electronic
design. Prototype assembly and testing.
Cooperation with external software

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